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Regtraders is recognised as one of the UK’s leading supplier of number plates.  

Whatever your requirements, Regtraders will source you the plate you  want….. 

We have access to hundreds of quality plates, so if you don’t find  one listed, contact us…we’re here to help.

Commission and Fees


We charge a fixed commission and fee per transaction.

For number plates sold less than £10,000 we charge a fixed fee of £250.

For number plates sold more than £10, 000 we charge a fixed fee of £500.

Valuations and Sales


We specialise in dateless number plates (Pre 1963) along with suffix plates.

If you have a dateless or suffix plate you want to sell - we may be interested in buying it. All you have to do is send us an email with the details. We will value it and give you an offer. 

We will also advertise your plate - for free !


Regtraders has agreed to comply with DVLA's terms and conditions of ethical trading practices. Regtraders are an approved member of MIRAD.

find out more @ dvla

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